What Is Embodyment® Yoga Therapy?

Embodyment® yoga therapy utilizes gentle touch and healing awareness to help you enter a state of deep relaxation and recuperation as you lie in a comfortable yoga posture. The session helps you reunite with your body to release tensions built up over a day or a lifetime. It calls upon your own natural healing powers to free the body of emotional scars, recover its natural alignment and ease of movement, and gain relief from chronic pain.

Embodyment®  yoga therapy gives you all of the benefits of a yoga class or practice, with exponentially more consistent, deep and directly effective results. It has been said that one Embodyment® session offers the equivalent physical and psycho-emotional benefits of taking 6-8 yoga classes.

What is a Private Yoga Therapy Session?


You will experience the restorative and therapeutic affects on the body and mind as you enter a deep healing state. This is a very gentle technique using a hands on approach to facilitate deep healing by supporting the body and coaching breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques build reserves of prana, which gives you stamina, vitality, physical strength and inner strength, optimism, mental clarity, good memory, the ability to focus and an ability to face life with a feeling of openness and availability. Balances your immune system and increases your body's healing ability.

Very beneficial for treating chronic and acute pain, such as, Arthritis, Bone/joint pain, Lowr back pain, Muscle Pain, Fibromyalgia, Cancer & Depression, the most frequent psychological reaction to chronic pain.


1 Hour Session:  $80
5 Sessions:  $375*

*Payment is due in full at first session to receive the discounted rate.

"I have been living with consistent back pain from lumbar spondylosis for the past five years. I have tried many different medicinal and non-medicinal treatments. Yoga has been the one thing that has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain both mentally and physically." -Tammy B.