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Yoga is a blessing for everyone, at every age, and in every physical condition. It is gentle, yet deep, and incredibly restorative for the mind and the body. I urge everyone to try it for themselves.
— Claire Ratushny
I have been living with consistent back pain from lumbar spondylosis for the past five years. I have tried many different medicinal and non-medicinal treatments.Yoga has been the one thing that has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain both mentally and physically.
— Tammy B.
Yoga gives me the greatest awareness of my body physically & mentally.
— Donna C.
Svaroopa yoga has been the most beneficial addition to my life. I am relaxed and renewed in body, mind and spirit. My arthritis is vitually erased with this gentle form of yoga. I cannot give it enough praise. Dorothy Barbara guides her class expertly and shares her vast knowledge of body mechanics and deep spinal core openings that relieves stress and improves my flexibility.
— Janice
Yoga has given me increased flexibility and an improved awareness of my body’s ability to restore itself. It enables me to quiet my mind and enter a state of calm relaxation. I leave class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!
— Laurel
When I began Svaroopa Yoga class with Dorothy, I was experiencing, back, neck, & foot pain, numbing in my hands, locked down ribs, and cramping. Dorothy suggested that I add individual Embodiment Treatment to more directly focus on the tailbone and sacrum for release. My body responded from the start - releasing layers, and years, of impingement. As a bonus to their therapeutic value, the sessions are deeply relaxing and enjoyable under Dorothy’s expert touch in her cozy studio.

I am reinforcing my progress with a simple but regular home practice now that I’m convinced that my physical issues can be RESOLVED rather than endured. Who knew?

Now, in addition to relief of my original concerns, I enjoy full participation in class, an open rib cage, more toned torso/core muscles, posture that is naturally aligned and restful, as well as the true pleasure of experiencing my body at ease.

I am so grateful for finding my way to Dorothy and her expertise in sharing the rewards of Svaroopa Yoga.
— Yoga Student
Although I am not a student of Harmony in Yoga, my wife has been with Dorothy’s studio for 16 years. During that time, my wife has been instructing me on various poses to help relieve stress from my two jobs and easing a serious back injury with great success. Recently I had a colonoscopy and decided to forgo any medication or anesthesia for the procedure; relying just on the Ujjayi (yogic) breathing. One half hour before the procedure, I began the breathing to relax my body. I must say the Doctor, as well as the medical staffers, were in awe of my choice of not accepting any meds. I was able to be completely alert throughout and able to go home immediately after the procedure feeling profoundly rested. The yoga poses have been so beneficial for me. I try hard to do the poses each day in spite of a heavy work schedule. This yoga practice has been invaluable for improving my quality of mind and mood.
— Jim D.