Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Dorothy Barbara

What I love most about yoga is the way it makes me feel–relaxed and peaceful–as if time has stopped and whatever felt like an emergency seems to fade in the background.  For me, it is a time of healing, a time to bring my attention inward, to notice the impact of stress and tension on my body and mind. It's a time to rejuvinate and open the constrictions that have accrued during the day and lifetime.

What I would like to bring to my students is to facilitate an experience of self-healing with love an compassion.  The class is designed to support each unique body type with blankets or blocks and clear instruction to get the most from every pose. Students will experiencechanges in their body immediately without stretching and straining.  Students would learn body awareness at subtle levels, how to effectively usethe poses to target specific challenges in their body or mind. They would learn how touse their time in their home practice more efficiently to continue to facilitate the openings they get in class. This is a not just a yoga class it is also a commitment to develop a lifestyle habit that can be done at home, your workplace, while your shopping or taking care of kids or parents. The real aim of this practice is to bring yoga off the blankets and into your life. To be free from pain or obstacles that keep you stuck in your body, your mind and your life.

I have been teaching yoga for the past 15 years, taking various styles of yoga and meditation for 10 years prior to that.  

Certifications include:
Master Yoga - Over 1500 hours
Yoga Therapy and Embodyment
Kripaula School of Ayurveda. 500 hours