Yoga for Every Body

Wednesday: 5:30-7p 

No Class 12/28/16

You will learn poses that will release tension from the toes to the top of the head. You will be introduced to breathing techniques that will calm the mind and create an opening into the deeper levels of your being. Attention is given to proper alignment and support where you need it most using blankets or blocks.
6 Week Series: $90 | Drop-In: $20


Westfield Congregational Church
210 Main Street
Danielson, CT

Deeper Yoga

Monday: 5:30-7:15p

No Class 12/26 & 1/2/17

This class is for experienced students that have been doing this style of yoga for 1-2 years on a regular basis. The poses are held longer, the opening in the body are more intense so it is required to have a consistent home practice. The class is also longer.
6 Week Series $95 | Drop-In $20